What a Pensions Shambles! This Could be Worse Than PPI!

George Osborne's Pension Revolution Shamble

George Osborne’s Pension Revolution Shamble

George Osborne’s pensions revolution was in crisis last night with thousands of savers unable to spend their nest eggs as they want.
Just 65 days into the new regime, financial giants are under siege from furious customers.
The Chancellor had promised savers easy access to their cash. But today a Money Mail investigation can reveal a string of disastrous failings.

  • George Osborne’s pensions revolution in crisis as string of failings emerge
  • Firms refusing withdrawals for fear of being sued for negligence in future
  • Savers being forced to pay up to £1,000 for advice and others turned away
  • Delays of up to 90 days in paying out and sky-high charges for withdrawals

Lord McFall, a former chairman of the Treasury committee, told peers yesterday that ‘rip-offs were taking place daily’. He accused the pensions industry of needless complexity and inertia and urged ministers to force firms to reveal their charges. Lord Hughes of Woodside warned the chaotic reforms would make the ‘PPI scandal look like a children’s tea party’.

The Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions admitted last night that they were monitoring the situation closely. Writing for the Daily Mail today, pensions minister Ros Altmann said: ‘No matter which pension provider you saved with, you should be able to use your pension how you want to.’  And Harriet Baldwin, economic secretary to the Treasury said: ‘We have legislated to allow pension schemes to override their previous narrow rules, so they can offer the flexibilities if they want to.

‘This means that there is no excuse for firms to claim that their rules mean you can’t access your money.’ The Chancellor’s pension reforms – unveiled in the budget in 2014 – were supposed to give the power to pensioners to spend their life savings as and when they wanted.

He said: ‘Pensioners will have complete freedom to draw down as much or as little of their pension pot as they want, any time they want.’

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