We tried the world's first robot-made burger restaurant that's backed by Google's parent company — here's the verdict

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You could say I’m a connoisseur of California burgers.

I’ve reviewed burger chains from In-N-Out to Super Duper Burgers, as well as the meatless Impossible Burger at locations around the San Francisco Bay Area.

There’s one burger joint I’ve been anxiously waiting to try for years, and it’s finally opening in San Francisco. Creator, formerly known as Momentum Machines, serves a $6 burger that is prepped, cooked, and assembled with no human help.

A 14-foot-long robot in the center of the restaurant uses an array of sensors and computers to make approximately 130 burgers an hour. Efficient. But tasty?

I set out into San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood to try Creator for myself.

Creator is the world’s first robot-made burger joint.

On a weekday afternoon during the company’s soft opening, the place was packed with tech bros and gals munching down.

Around the corner from the dining area is the inhuman star chef.

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