These 10 airlines have the most luxurious first-class cabins in the world

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Flying first class is the ultimate indulgence when it comes to air travel. Just stepping on a plane and taking a peek through the curtains at those elite seats is an experience in both envy and admiration. But there is also something fun and exciting about fawning over first class. After all, it’s pretty impressive the way airlines design that exclusive section, trying to one-up each other in customer satisfaction and luxury. 

Skytrax, the United Kingdom-based consumer aviation agency, recently released its annual “Best Airlines in the World” ranking for 2018. The survey, which began in 1999, is an annual customer relations satisfaction survey that is among the most professional and prestigious. It has gone from attracting the entries of 2.2 million airline customers in 2000, to receiving more than 20 million entries in 2018. 

It’s no surprise that Skytrax, which prides itself on an exhaustive appraisal of the airline industry, would also evaluate which first-class cabin sits supreme in their 2018 rankings.

This year, 335 airlines were included in the survey and more than 20 million respondents were counted in the final results, which measured multiple parameters like service attentiveness, staff language skills, and meal service efficiency. 

For 2018, the World’s Best First Class was also voted the World’s Best Airline, as Singapore Airlines took home both awards. Singapore Airlines has distinguished itself recently by focusing on customer service and investing in a newer, more modern fleet of aircraft. It made headlines last month when it announced plans to re-launch the world’s longest flight, a trip from Newark, New Jersey to Singapore later this year. 

Below are the top 10 first-class cabins ranked by customers in 2018.

10. Thai Airways

Why They Made The List: Thai Airways “Royal First Class” cabin is designed with comfort in mind. Featured on AirBus A380s and newly renovated Boeing  747s, Royal First Class includes chilled champagne, 23-inch wide seats, flat screen TVs, 500 music CDs, and 180-degree lie-flat beds.  

9. Qantas Airways

Why They Made The List: As the flag carrier for Australia, Qantas Airlines is an elite operation.  A sheepskin mattress, armrest controls, and 17-inch screen await the lucky passenger, while an airline attendant is ready to serve signature dishes from a tasting menu designed by Neil Perry. Qantas’ award-winning “Cellar in the Sky” wine selection is a nice indulgence as well. 

8. Cathay Pacific Airways

Why They Made The List: Cathay Pacific Airways, the flag carrier of Hong Kong, showcases a first class that is all about premium service. The leather seats offer comfortable manually controlled massages and the 500-thread-count duvet keeps one warm when the beds lie flat. Steaming jasmine rice can be served directly at your seat while enjoying entertainment on a 17-inch personal TV screen. 

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