Stars Wars Episode 8 to Film in the UK with a Whooping £100m Investment

Star Wars is about to bring the UK a £100m Investment and 3,000 jobs. Announced by Chancellor George Osborne, the eighth episode of the sci-fi blockbuster through the investment made by Lucasfilm will be filming in the UK from 2016. The 8th episode closely follows the 7th, which was filmed in Pinewood Studios. The great news about the significant investment was announced through Twitter when the Chancellor wrote that the blockbuster will be filmed in the UK at Pinewood Studios, great news for creative industries within the UK and every Star War fan.

The legendary Pinewood studios will make a big come back in the filming industry after Star Wars 8.

The legendary Pinewood studios will make a big come back in the filming industry after Star Wars 8.

Star Wars episodes seven and eight are not the first to be filmed at Pinewood Studios and UK at that. The sequel is the fourth to be filmed within the United Kingdom where 2017 has been put as the release date with Rian Johnson directing. The move to bring the filming back into the UK is seen as very critical considering about 3,000 additional jobs will be pumped into the industry. The May 4th announcement by George Osborne came amidst a lot of activity surrounding one of the most popular sci-fi blockbusters globally.

This comes as the release of the Force Awakens, episode 7, is drawing near by the day with Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong’o being some of the names trending online as playing some novel roles through a released behind the scene video clip. Already UK is represented in the about to be released thriller through John Boyega, a British actor.

As Rian Johnson is slated to direct the new episode, both Walt Disney and Lucasfilm Studios will be producing it. As indicated, this will follow the successful filming of Star Wars: Force Awakens at Pinewood Studios which should be hitting theatres by December 18, 2015. This follows UK’s increased tax breaks through the Chancellor for the robust film industry. As a result, The British Film Institute reported a record number of investments being spent in the world of film production in the UK in 2014 alone.


Star Wars 8 alone will create approximately 3,000 additional jobs.

The Chancellor has also indicated that the £100m investment by Lucasfilm is exactly the kind of confidence Britain needs as its movie making elements are boosted from the costume designers, carpenters, lighting technicians and visual effect designers among others who will be cashing in on the big money. Osborne also sees the decision for episode 8 to be filmed in the UK as one of the reasons why the government believes Britain is the top place creative industries need to turn their eye on.

Confirming the confidence the franchise has on Britain, the Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy added that they cannot wait to continue making the new generation of movies in the Star Wars saga in the UK.