Investing in Acton: West London’s Forgotten Corner the New Families Hotspot

Between Ealing and Chiswick is Acton, one of the most forgotten West London’s corners and now looking very good for families. With an Anglo-Saxon’s town and oak name, the area has been famous for many things such as laundries in 19th century and automotives a century later as Park Royal and Acton Vale came into town. Currently, Acton is not much an industrial town, but a residential area whose town centre is a hive of activity.

The revival of Acton

Acton in the old days...

Acton in the old days…

Acton is one of those towns in London that has been long overlooked but revival is on. For example, the expansive estate in South Acton is being rebuilt and now the proud home of over 5,000 people. A lot of things are happening, such as a fresh leisure centre, a Curzon cinema to be introduced into the old library, an Edwardian town hall being transformed into flats as the redevelopment of the Oaks Shopping Centre could be starting soon. Further from the Acton town centre along Churchfield Road independent cafes and shops are thriving. Wine bar, pubs and cafes offering great food, florists, and rumours of a Starbucks are some of the signs why this sleepy town should be in any investor’s radar.

Buying in Acton

Some of the most expensive homes in Acton are located towards the east on the town’s border with Chiswick as well as Ealing on the town’s west. For instance, a semi-detached, 7-bedroom Edwardian house in Acton sells at £1.6 million along the popular Twyford Avenue while a 4-bedroom house along Milton Road is available at about £1.1 million. Buying flats and houses in Acton on average looks very desirable considering that £333,000 could get you a single bedroom flat while 2-bedroom flat goes for an average of £478,000. On the other hand, a 2-bedroom house, 3-bedroom houses and a 4-bedroom house goes for £652,000, £813,000 and £1.038 M respectively.

Getting into Acton

One of the reasons Acton is in a number of investors’ mind is the ease of getting in and out of town.

Welcome to Acton

Welcome to Acton

The area isserved by both the District and Piccadilly lines with the East Acton, North Acton and West Acton along the CentralLine. Essentially, the Acton Central and South Acton are onto the Overground while a train to Paddington through the Acton Mainline takes 9 minutes only. Every station is found within Zone Three except for East and North Acton, which are within Zone Two.

Investing in families

Acton seems like the new cash cow for anyone who might want to invest in families. This is due to the fact that families are seriously turning to Acton, a region that many had ignored a couple of years back. Lots of them are swapping their expensive flats from lucrative districts in London and going for Acton houses and property, which is much affordable.

Renting also looking up

Lots of young professionals are also renting in Acton considering that it has great transport links and much affordable than Chiswick and Shepherd’s Bush. However, most landlords in Acton prefer renting to families than to young professionals looking to share a flat, with 5-bedroom houses for families renting for a monthly sum of about £3,700 while 1-bedroom flat can be rented on a monthly basis for around £1,600.