Generate Income From Your Spare Space: Rent Out Your Attic or Parking Space

If you have an attic with a space for a number of boxes or a driveway you rarely use you can make some much needed pounds by renting them today. Storing the belonging of others and renting out a parking space you do not use often offer one of the easiest ways of earning that additional income without trying too hard. Storage and parking in London is at a premium and just like many other households you have a great chance of earning hundreds of pounds every month if you so desire.

Central postcodes

Space Renting will make you some easy money.

Space Renting will make you some easy money.

If you are a home owner in any of the central postcodes in the capital or a home close to train stations or airports you can pocket £2,000 annually just by renting out your private parking; you only need to advertise online in web marketplaces for parking such as Just Park. In fact, if you have a location that is not very sought after you still can make £500-£1,000 annually from parking.

Making money from match days

If you rent your parking space to commuters you could make about £200 but if your property is close to some of the

From simple signs to more complex ones, parking rental is a solid investment.

From simple signs to more complex ones, parking rental is a solid investment.

main football stadiums in London such as the Emirates, Chelsea and Wembley you can easily make £25 per car, just

for renting your private parking space during a match day.

Londoners renting out spaces in their garages and homes through online storage marketplaces can make an average monthly amount of £100 or £200 if they’re lucky. Just like thousands of people in London, letting out your storage space and parking is easily done online but you can also get renters directly by putting up signs to the effect that you’re providing parking, for instance during summer tennis tournaments at Wimbledon.

As a renter, the spaces are usually cheaper in contrast with other commercial alternatives in London. In fact, it is possible today to find a rental parking space privately offered on marketplace websites half the cost of those offered by local NCP types of car parks.

Booking contracts

Those who use online marketplaces to offer parking services are provided with rental agreements and booking contracts that are easy to download and fill in. Online guides on parking rentals insist those offering this service need to have written contracts indicating they’re not responsible for cars and their contents.

Homeowners also need to check their insurance cover for their homes and whether disputes or damage are covered. It is also possible to use marketplaces online handling rental payments allowing you to make money from your driveway without meeting drivers looking for short-term parking.

When it comes to storage spaces and storing other people’s belongings in your attic it’s important to agree to a certain level of access and making an inventory of items stored. In fact, homeowners offering storage spaces are rating it highly than having lodgers; it is a low-headache and low-maintenance method of earning some extra income.

For storing 30-40 boxes with household items in your home you could make £150-£200 monthly. Since some luggage owners might travel abroad for months, homeowners use rental contracts stating there is no insurance cover for the items.