Essential Advice for UK Buy-to-Let Investors


Buy-to-let Essentials

Buy-to-let Essential Advice

Lots of investors in property are slowly being attracted to buy-to-let investments in a time when the stock market is not as robust and rates are low. However, if you are thinking about an investment into property or enhancing returns on the buy-to-let investment you already have, you need to think it through. It goes without saying buy-to-let is not hot property but in recent years there has been a lot of resurgence you cannot ignore. At the same time, buy-to-let does not have guarantees and those who have faith in this investment in contrast to shares and stocks need to note a number of things.

Market research

Those who have never invested in buy-to-let need to research this market well and understand the benefits and risks as well. They have to be sure it is the kind of investment they really need, otherwise it is worth saying that investment can workout better elsewhere. Buy-to-let investing means you must commit pounds in their thousands to the property and perhaps go for a mortgage. As the price of the house goes up, it means you will make huge leverage gains way over the mortgage debt you have. On the other hand, fall in house prices will hit your deposit hard as the mortgage remains the same. Investment in property has made many people rich in terms of capital gains and income but you need to go into buy-to-let alert and alive to the fact that there are potential disadvantages and advantages awaiting you.


You must go for a promising location to invest in buy-to-let, which does not mean cheapest or expensive. A location that is looking up is an area anyone would love to stay for a number of reasons. Think of the area around your town that is very appealing, such as a place with great transport, schools, especially for young couples with kids and exactly those areas where every student wants to stay. Match the type of property you are able to afford and look forward to purchasing with a location where people are ready to live.

Calculations are a must

Even before you have started thinking about the best buy-to-let properties get a notebook, pen and a calculator to calculate and write down the cost of property you want to look for including the amount of projected rent you are looking at. Essentially, a buy-to-let lender usually wants the rent to cater for about 125 percent of the entire mortgage repayments although the lenders are asking for 25 percent deposits or more today, for rates a little over that of residential mortgage. After you are through with the likely rent and mortgage rate try to be really honest and ask yourself whether you there is any likelihood of the investment working out.

Above all, do not forget to shop about until you have found the most ideal mortgage, think about the tenant you are targeting, avoid being over ambitious as you remember the costs and rental yield, consider whether buy-to-let further afield is a better idea or simply try to do some property up. Do not forget the age-old haggling over the property price and negotiate for the best cost. Ensure you understand your pitfalls as you consider whether you will be managing the property yourself or hire an agent to do so, remembering that agents come with a cost.