Delta's website suffered a glitch that wouldn't let some people buy tickets, and passengers are not happy (DAL)

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  • The official website for Delta Air Lines suffered from a technical glitch that prevented certain passengers from buying tickets on Thursday.
  • Complaints from various Delta customers indicated that there were several nonresponsive icons on the website’s purchase page that prevent tickets from being booked.
  • In a statement, the airline apologized and said it is working to address the technical issue.

The official website for Delta Air Lines suffered from technical issues that prevented certain passengers from purchasing tickets on Thursday. 

One passenger complained that the website wouldn’t let her select seats or complete the purchase of tickets, while another said that the site wouldn’t allow her to enter her credit-card information. 

According to accounts from various Delta customers, several important icons on the website’s purchase page were nonresponsive. This has led to a series of customer complaints on the airline’s Twitter page.

Delta websiteDelta’s social media representatives apologized to customers and offered to help them book tickets directly. 

The cause of the website glitch remains unknown. Fortunately for Delta and its customers, the technical issue was repaired by early Thursday afternoon.

“Delta has fixed an issue that select customers encountered when attempting to purchase a ticket on earlier today,” an airline spokeswoman told Business Insider. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The Fly Delta app’s booking tool remained fully functional throughout.”

Business Insider was not able to replicate the issues experienced by the passengers. We attempted to book tickets by going directly through Delta’s website and via third-party portals using two different browsers. 


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