Commuter Hotspots for Property Investors

London Waterloo is the busiest UK mainline station. Nearly 90 million travellers use its congested route every year. Commuters with £500,000 can come across a rather smart home for their families in one of the affluent towns popular with commuters, a market town or even a quiet village within England’s loveliest countryside. Destinations starting from Waterloo highlight Woking, Petersfield and Winchfield as three areas with the same detached prices of property including lifestyles that are a bit different.


Petersfield is about 60 minutes from the English capital and believed to be right on the border of the suitable commuting distance.   Petersfield provides quality homes apart from being South Downs prime position. Buyers at this place are forfeiting their closeness to London for personal satisfaction and enhanced quality of life. Inevitable upgrades to the road network locally mean that the price could go up next year.

Winchfield is in proximity to the office, an English town that is super-calm. On the other hand, Woking is only 29 minutes to London with commuters arriving to central London from Woking faster that those living in the capital’s suburbs with the amenities also much better. The tipping point is Winchfield before you enter into real rural territory.


Surrey will provide everything you need for you and your family.

Woking is in Surrey and 29 minutes from London with an annual season ticket of £2,444 while the average price of a house stands at £307,000, which helps commuters to save £32,000 were they to purchase in London. The detached house average price is at £507,000 saving £90,000 while Woking’s price growth in ten years stands at 109%.

Woking also presents lots of handy amenities, such as shopping centres, a library that’s well stocked, countless restaurants, pubs and bas, a theatre, arts centre and cinema, leisure centre, skate park and swimming pool. Those who love sports will find crazy golf, gymnastics and tennis a good treat in Woking.



Hampshire is generally calm, ideal for people that want a stress free life.

Winchfield, Hampshire is 49 minutes from the city of London and annual season ticket from the town to the city will cost you £3,052. House prices on average stands at £366,000, about £27,000 above the average cost in London even as a detached house goes for £500,000 saving you £97,000. The price growth in ten years for Winchfield stands at 99%.

Ideal for those who want a calm existence, Winchfield is not big. However, its station has made the town popular with commuters assured of a seat in contrast with other passengers in nearby Fleets. It is not endowed with lots of amenities and has two pubs such as the decently appraised Winchfield Arms and the village hall where fencing takes place as well as St Mary the Virgin Church that goes back to the 12th century.


Petersfield, Hampshire takes you 60 minutes to get to the capital and an annual season ticket will cost you £3,360. The average price of property is £313,000, which saves you £26,000. Detached property is £499,000 on average, which is a saving of £98,000. The property price growth for 10 years is 90%.