Apple's adding animated avatars to the iPhone you can send in iMessage — here's how you'll create Memoji (AAPL)

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iPhone users will get a fun new feature with iOS 12 when it drops later this year  — the ability to create their own animated avatars to send to friends.

Apple calls the new avatars Memoji, and they’ll work much like the infamous animated emoji — or Animoji — the company launched last year. They’ll mimic users’ facial expressions and head movements. But unlike with Animoji, users will be able to customize their Memoji, selecting their avatars’ hair color and hairstyle, their skin color, and even have their Memoji wear sunglasses. 

Users will be able to send their Memoji to friends using iMessage, or use them in place of their own faces in FaceTime, the iPhone’s video calling app.

Here’s how users will be able to create and use Memoji:

Apple unveiled Memoji at its WWDC conference on Monday.

Memoji will be one of the new features in iOS 12, the next version of the operating system powering the iPhone, which is due out later this year.

Memoji are a new type of Animoji.

Apple launched Animoji, or animated emoji, last year with the iPhone X. The icons mimic users’ facial expressions and head movements and can be sent to other users via iMessage. But because they rely on the three-dimensional cameras of the iPhone X, Animoji can only be used on that device.

On Monday, Apple announced new animoji, including a ghost and a koala.

But Memoji are based on human faces — and can be personalized.

Users will be able to customize their Memoji so they resemble what they look like in real life — or just in their minds.

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