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Co Working Office Space: A Permanent Trend

Bar Works offer flexible social work places

Bar Works offer flexible social work places

With the sudden boom of start-ups in almost every industry from IT to hospitality, the property sector saw the rise of another trend: co-working office spaces. This trend was welcomed by the professionals freelancing, telecommuting and remote working. Co-working offices help employees to have a more relaxed place to work and gave a structured routine to contractors and independent workers. All in all, co-working office space is a win-win option for companies and their employees. As well as being of great benefit to start-ups and innovative companies, commercial property investment specialists have also kept a close eye on the companies providing the office space. Previous investments have seen high returns and low entry levels for private investors.

What is Co Working Office Space?

Literally speaking, co-working office space can be defined as a space with the ambience of a café and all the necessary requirements of an office, which is shared by two or more people for working, not necessarily for the same company. One can use these places occasionally or on regular basis. Co-working spaces give the facility to work according to one’s own timings and the opportunity of networking, when required.

The concept of co-working spaces is highly influenced by ‘decentralization’. Though evolved with the advancement of latest technology and the internet, this concept, somehow, reflects the basic needs of humans, which are companionship, help and to socialise.

Why Co Working is so Popular?

Apart from giving a flexible, yet structured work environment, co-working spaces offer many other benefits that directly affect the productivity of the professionals. That is why the number of people using such spaces is blossoming day by day. According to various realty websites like We Work, these working spaces give a chance to connect with the global community and to share and discuss various ideas. Following are some other points which highlight the reason behind the popularity of co-working spaces:

  1. A chance to flourish:
    Working from your own personal space can become quite monotonous after some time. It also lacks social engagement and a daily structured routine. Such co working spaces offer a motivational and productive environment where the individuals can put forward their best efforts.
  2. Great ambience:
    Co working spaces are nothing like the regular offices. They are the swankiest places you have ever seen. For instance, one of the co working spaces offered by Bar Works in San Francisco was earlier known as Jack’s Restaurant. This restaurant was known to be the coolest hangout place among celebrities and now it is renovated and turned into the co working spaces.
  3. Enhanced work/life coordination:
    Due to the fix office timings, sometimes, it becomes really difficult to manage the family and personal time. But with no specific ‘office timings’, one can decide his work timings on his own will.

Why Co-working Office Make Great Private And Commercial Property Investments?

Bar Works Brooklyn

Bar Works Brooklyn

The trend of co-working office spaces is spreading all around the globe just like a forest fire. These so called ‘cool offices’ are not only limited to metropolitan cities like New York anymore. According to various studies, service industry has seen a rise of 67% in Britain and with companies like Bar Works ready to launch co-working spaces in Ireland and Miami; this trend is set to keep rising. Increase in cloud technologies and the facility to work from anywhere will mean even higher demand of such spaces. As you can see co-working offices presents itself as quite a lucrative deal for commercial property investment specialists.

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