You Could be One of the First Private Investors in this UK Film Production Company

One of Carnabys most popular films

One of Carnabys most popular films

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, then investing in Carnaby films could be an interesting prospect.

Carnaby is an integrated independent production and sales company of high quality feature film, television, and multi-media properties.  Carnaby Films was launched in January 2001 with the specific purpose of financing and producing British feature films. The aim is to encourage investment in the burgeoning UK film industry by means of public offerings of shares under the Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

This is an opportunity to invest your money with some of the top people in the industry, most notably Gary Kurtz who has worked on Star Wars and Ivor Powell on Alien.  Carnaby has also produced some other top feature films such as The Wee Man, Rise of The Foot Soldiers and many more.


some of the great titles Carnaby have been responsible for

Investing in Carnaby also has a few key benefits:

  • Investment security
  • A chance to take part in the creative aspect and have healthy projected returns
  • Tax relief
  • Invitations to the Berlin Film festival and Cannes

This is the first time Carnaby International are allowing private investors to invest, so find out more by clicking the link below.