We compared Target's new $5 wines against Trader Joe's cheapest options — and the winner is obvious (TGT)

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  • Target has a house brand wine that’s only $5 a bottle.
  • It’s a direct competitor of Trader Joe’s legendarily cheap store label.
  • Both brands’ reds are surprisingly good — but for the selection, Trader Joe’s offers the better deal. 

Ruthless millennials have placed the beer industry square in their crosshairs, and retailers are taking notice.

Just in time for June 9th, National Rosé Day, Target has just added a new rosé to its line of cheaply priced wines — every bottle is $5 — which could be a smart move to attract thrifty millennial oenophiles. Trader Joe’s has long been the go-to for cheap, decent wines for those in the know, but Target’s new line could draw some attention.

We grabbed some bottles of Target’s new California Roots line and pitted them against similarly priced options from Trader Joe’s. We were curious to see if Target could unseat the famed “Two Buck Chuck” from its perch atop the cheap wine throne.

Every bottle of Target’s California Roots wine is $5. It’s an extremely, almost suspiciously fair price, though it is higher than Trader Joe’s iconic “Two Buck Chuck” wines, which now go for $2.99 in most locations.

California Roots offers a cabernet, a red blend, a pinot grigio, a moscato, a rosé, and a chardonnay. We managed to find everything but the last.

At Trader Joe’s, the Charles Shaw label offers cabernet and pinot grigio, as well as several other varietals. To compare to Target’s red blend, moscato, and rosé, we found wines at Trader Joe’s that match their price point: a Terrain Vineyards California red blend for $3.99, a Blue Fin California moscato for $4.49, and an Emma Reichart pinot noir rosé for $4.99.

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