See inside the 15 most expensive penthouses for sale in America

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  • Penthouses evoke luxury, particularly thanks to the stunning panoramic views their high-in-the-sky location affords.
  • With the help of Trulia, we compiled the 15 most expensive penthouses for sale in the US with amazing views.
  • Most of the penthouses overlook the beach or a city, with New York City penthouses being among the most expensive.

What more fitting place for the top 1% to live than, quite literally, at the top?

Perched in the sky, penthouses offer everything from exclusive amenities and lavish architecture to rooftop gardens and pools, with views as stunning as their interiors.

We teamed up with Trulia to compile a list of the top 15 most expensive penthouses with the most amazing views for sale in the US as of May 23.

It may come as no surprise that these palaces in the sky boast either beach or city views. Even less surprising, still, is the fact that New York City dominated this list — there must be something about panoramic views of the concrete jungle that rich people can’t get enough of.

From a $35 million coastal pad in Honolulu, Hawaii, to an $82 million contemporary penthouse overlooking New York’s Central Park, here are the priciest penthouses in the country, ranked from least to most expensive.

15. $35 million

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Size: 10,515 sq. ft.

Cost per square foot: $3,329

Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 6 beds/7 baths

14. $35 million

Location: Sunny Isles, Florida

Size: 10,750 sq. ft.

Cost per square foot: $3,256

Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 6 beds/baths

13. $36 million

Location: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Size: 10,755 sq. ft.

Cost per square foot: $3,347

Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 6 beds/8 baths

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