Investing in a Smart Skipping Rope Called Sophia-Get Rewarded Too

Sophia brings skipping into the 21st century

While many people invest in stock, real estate and other asset based investments, some forget there are so many other things with a great investment outlook. One such area is health and fitness in a world where people are getting fat and obese and chances of working out are decreasing and far between. However, since not everyone really wants to remain unfit attempts have been made by different investors in the fitness world to bring in products that can help many lose fat and remain healthy without much effort for a better world.

Such are the creators of Sophia the smart skipping rope, who have come up with a revolutionary idea that transforms the simple and typical skipping rope into a 21st century fitness item that blends both tracking technology and the skipping rope.

Inspired by an Irish picture by an Irish painter, Adam Buck from Cork, Sophia Western is painted using a rope so effortlessly that the idea made the Sophia team to ingeniously decide to give the age-old skipping rope a 21st century touch. As the team working on Sophia the rope continues with the perfection of the idea both in Shenzhen, China and in Cork, Ireland, the project to bring Sophia the smart skipping rope to the world is rapidly taking shape at Kick Starter.

Made to be comfortable to use, portable and functional, the rope will help you remain active in a top-notch manner. This is because the Sophia app and the skipping rope blend with your mobile device to calculate every calorie you burn through Bluetooth connectivity with a battery that keeps power for a month. It also comes with an Android and iOS companion app amidst integrating with GoogleFit and iOS Health. The app allows you to compete with your friends and the results displayed while making use of the included jump and step counter.

Unique investment opportunity

Currently, hundreds of backers at Kick Starter are already showing a huge interest in the smart skipping rope. Considering Sophia is a jumping rope you can take with you wherever you are, whether it is at the gym, roadside, living room, and office or even by the beach, so many backers are showing a lot of confidence in the product.

It is a tool everyone needs to remain fit and even brings friends together to compete and post the information in social media. This gives the product every trait of a great investment that will sell better than any other in the fitness world by the time shipping commences anywhere around the world by May 2015.

Reasons to invest in Sophia

  • The rope is portable and comfortable to use and you can take it anywhere with you
  • Wherever you are you can involve your friends in your fitness escapades with the rope via the Sophia app
  • Sophia comes with a highly resistant cord and leather grip for the best feeling while exercising
  • You are able to track your performance and remain as active as you can
  • You will be calculating calories you have burned in real-time (burn 100 to 160 calories every 10 minutes of cardio workout)
  • The skipping rope has a built-in display showing the jumping cycles completed to avoid checking your mobile device while working out

Rewards for Kick Starter backing

If you back the Sophia project now you’ll be up for some rewards as is the tradition at Kick Starter. Early skipper or a backing of €29, $34 or £22 gets you one smart skipping rope in purple, which has already sold out.

However, you can get rewarded by going for Sophia or a backing of €39, $45 or £30 and above to get a smart skipping rope in blue, orange or purple. For a backing of €69, $77 or £52 you will get the Fitness Buddy worth two smart jumping ropes available in blue, orange and purple. Backing the project via the Healthy Bunch or €99, $115 or £76 gets you three Sophia jumping ropes in the colour of your choice; blue, orange or purple.

The ultimate backer reward is a Jump to China for a contribution of €1800 to meet the team working on Sophia over dinner in Shenzhen as you tour the manufacturing facilities and receive five Sophias in the process.

Shipping to anywhere around the world for all these rewards and purchases of the skipping rope will be done in May once the production is complete.

Lots of current investors in the smart skipping rope are doing so from a point of information; the product has been well tested in so many areas including people who had the chance to test and give feedback on it.

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