I tried out an 'aging suit' that mimics what it feels like to be 80-years-old — here's what it was like

Bayer aging suit

In the corner of a booth at the BIO International Convention in Boston sat a mysterious suit with an odd helmet. 

The booth in question belonged to Bayer, the German drugmaker and chemical giant. And the suit wasn’t for a virtual reality demo or for show — it was to simulate how it might feel to be 80 years old.

The idea behind the suit was to give perspective on the growing aging population, and the challenges that come with that, such as a higher risk of heart disease.

As a fit (though potentially over-caffeinated) 25-year-old, I figured it might be worth taking a spin in the “aging” suit to see how it made me feel.

The suit was bulky and weighted to give me the impression of what it’d be like to carry around my mortal coil into old age.

The suit also came with a helmet, which darkened my field of vision. I also took my glasses off, which added to the confusion. It took a team of helpers to get me suited up.

At some point, a crowd had gathered to figure out why I was wearing the set-up, adding to how vulnerable I felt. On my hands, the helpers put gloves that split up my ring and pinky from my middle and pointer fingers, so I was stuck in a Vulcan salute.

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