How much it will cost you to live in 11 popular expat cities

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  • Many people dream of packing it all in and relocating to warmer climes or simply to discover a new city, culture, or language. 
  • UBS has ranked global cities in terms of what it would cost expats to live there as a family for one month. 
  • If you can’t quite afford the price tag of Geneva, then why not consider Buenos Aires or Santiago, where living costs are a fraction of the price — Spanish lessons included. 


Many people dream of packing it all in and relocating to warmer climes or simply to a new city to discover another culture or language. If you’re curious as to how much it would cost you to move abroad, then you’re in luck, as UBS recently published a ranking of the cost of living in cities around the world.

The report estimated how much a family with kids would spend over a month in each city, taking into account the average cost of local “basic expenses,” such as food, household goods, and clothing, and local “expat extras,” including rent for a two-bed furnished apartment, international school fees, language lessons, and — in case you’re feeling flush — even household help twice a month.

So from Buenos Aires, to Sydney, Dubai, and Amsterdam scroll down to find out the average living cost for an expat in each city, ranked from cheapest to most expensive. 

11. Buenos Aires, Argentina — $3,230.90 (£2,428.07).

Basic expenses: $1,125.16

Expat extras: $2,105.74

10. Bangkok, Thailand — $3,443.51 (£2,587.85).

Basic expenses: $1,480.25

Expat extras: $1,963.26

9. Santiago de Chile, Chile — $3,960.56 (£2,976.42).

Basic expenses: $1,232.55

Expat extras: $2,728.01


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