Airstream has a new $45,900 trailer that's a big departure from its iconic designs — check out its new look

Airstream Nestr

  • Airstream recently introduced a new trailer, its first-ever production fiberglass model.
  • The product came from a 2016 acquisition of an Oregon-based startup.
  • The Nest by Airstream can be towed by relatively modest vehicles.
  • It sells for $45,900, and it weighs 3,400 pounds.

Airstream is famous for its iconic aluminum trailers. 

But now the company has launched its first-ever fiberglass production model: Nest by Airstream

Nest, which can be towed by a compact SUV, makes an attractive investment for both younger buyers looking to get into the outdoor life and for those who want to take to the road without the need of hotels and motels along the way. 

Here’s a closer look.

If you know anything about Airstream trailers, it’s probably the silver-bullet aluminum models you’ve seen.

The 85-year-old company manufactures, in the USA, the all-American trailer at its best, crafted from shimmering aluminum and exuding timeless cool.

But Airstream has been shaking up its designs of late. Its modest Basecamp rolled out in 2016.

The Basecamp was a shiny Airstream that evoked the brand’s image. The recently launched Nest by Airstream is a different story.

In 2016, under CEO Bob Wheeler (who joined in 2005), Airstream acquired NEST Caravan, an Oregon startup that had produced a prototype trailer that caught Airstream’s eye.

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