5 Reasons Why US Property Is A Good Investment

The thought of investing in real estate can be terrifying for the average capitalist or entrepreneur, however, when you find a trustworthy agent and tenant, there are countless benefits. Having this combination takes away the pains of investment properties. When you are ready to buy, you may want to consider investing in one or more buildings such as residential (single or multifamily units), or commercial buildings (hotels, offices, etc.). Investing in a property that is long distance may have its drawbacks, but I can tell you 5 reasons why US property is a good investment.


  1. Diversification. Diversification offsets any volatile components in an investor’s portfolio. As the groundwork for a family of assets, owning property reduces risk and loss of income. In short, it balances out and adds value and power to the investment resume.
  2. Cash Flow. You should know that due to the normal expectations of depreciation and mortgage interest deductions, the cash flow is tax free, providing you leverage your capital. Most of the time, an investor will not have to pay taxes on immediate cash possession, but will take a bigger gain when the properties are sold. That is to say that an investor wanted to sell. Buying real estate is likely a commitment – a long term venture. It will also return an income, now and in the future.For those who are experienced in real estate, many prefer to take the Cash on Cash Rental Yields over the Net Rental Yield. The Net Rental Yield takes the taxes, expenses and other costs into consideration and divides it by the property value or cost. Even without taking the mortgage payments into account, this could have a negative cash flow. The Cash on Cash Rental option give the investor a positive and timely return on the real estate investment.
  3. Compatible with Inflation. When inflation is up, rents usually follow. Mortgage payments on the properties remain in stable conditions and increases immediate cash flow. The investor will have more cash in hand, but the expenses remain the same. At the same time, this could mean more properties that are occupied. The drawback is that owning a home or selling a home could have antagonistic results at the time of inflation. The good news is that there will be more renters. As economies grow and develop, the pressure is on rental properties… this causes prices to rise and in turn, increase revenue for the owner.Most investors know that purchasing property that requires fixing up, may result in an immediate increase in equity, providing the value of the modifications will surpass the previous worth of the property, of course. Propose you buy a house for $20,000 and added a room, upgrade the bathroom and kitchen appliances.  This property now becomes a $70,000 property.  You can’t do this with stocks or bonds.As the residential or commercial community grows, so does your property in value. Real estate prices have continued to increase throughout the years and the longer you hold onto your property investments, the better for you. There is definite potential for high rewards or high returns.While traditional investments such as bonds and stocks are sensitive to inflation, real estate investing can return multi-faceted rewards. The risks are obvious with the market’s constant fluctuation, while real estate is more consistent when it comes to the market’s volatility.
  4. Long Term Investment. Many people look for ways to subsidize their retirement pay, however, there is very little competition in real estate.  Rental housing is perhaps one of the most viable ways in which to supplement income with minimal effort. Investing young is a wise and notable idea as this can create a source of secure retirement income. Well kept real estate is not likely to be a burden as time goes on. Often times, it goes up in value.
  5. 5 Reasons Why US Property Is a Good InvestmentHave More Leverage. Real estate investing is one of the few investment avenues in which banks are friendly.  In addition, you can invest less capital in real estate unlike trading stocks.  You can, with the right credentials, make a low down payment or a zero down payment. Often times, one can purchase real estate below market value.  Having a broker to make the assessment for you at no charge is an advantage.  On the other hand, if you have to use your own capital or that of other investors, getting a return on the investment is still marvelous.


There are many reasons why investing in US properties is a good idea such as the tax advantages, buying below market prices and adding to the value of the property to increase your return, immediate or long term.  Investing money in US property will not make you a millionaire overnight, however it means that the owner will have current and available cash fluency. The deposits are sure to get higher as inflation does its part.  If you buy property when the picking is right, you stand to gain more than you would lose. Inevitably, you’ll have a source of income for years to come.

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